Golf Shoes

Whether you are a professional golfer or a novice golf enthusiast, golf shoes are an essential part of your golfing wardrobe. While golf shirts and golf pants are of course necessary, golf shoes are important because there is a large difference between regular tennis shoes or sneakers and a pair of golf shoes. Knowing these differences and understanding what to look for in a golf shoe can help you make an educated decision and pick a pair that will keep you comfortable all season long. Let’s take a look at a few of the key differences.

Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes

The game of golf requires an extensive amount of walking, which is why golf shoes are designed to be very lightweight. Some golf shoes have soles that are made of a special rubber that is designed to be extra light. Many shoes are now being made with plastic spikes instead of metal spikes. There are a few different reasons for this, but one reason is that the plastic spikes weigh significantly less than the metal spikes.

Golfers need a good amount of traction on the course, which is why most styles of golf shoe have spikes on the underside. These spikes improve traction on the course, and may be made out of plastic or metal. While metal spikes are commonly used by professionals, many courses have banned metal spikes because of their tendency to tear up greens. Additionally, metal spikes can be uncomfortable on hard surfaces.

Golfers frequently have to play on wet courses, which is why waterproofing is a must for any golf shoe design. Shoes can be made out of the ever-popular leather, or out of man-made materials such as Goretex or even polyester lining. The type of material used will somewhat determine the price of your next pair of shoes, so consider the options carefully.

In conclusion, while golf gloves and golf bags are obvious must-haves for the golfing season, a pair of golf shoes is a basic essential that is often overlooked. Picking a comfortable and durable pair of golf shoes can help you improve your game on the course and will give you the comfort, traction and durability you need while playing your favorite game. The next time you head to the golf store to purchase a new club, consider investing in a new pair of shoes while you are there. You’ll be glad you did.

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