Golf Gloves

Even players new to the great game of golf can benefit from the use of golf gloves. Golf gloves are specially designed to help you improve your grip, allowing you to perfect your swing and play the best game possible. If you are not using golf gloves, you may be limiting your potential as a golfer.

Golf Gloves

Golf Gloves

Golf gloves have a special tacky surface designed to increase the amount of contact between your hand and the club. This aid in grip can be especially helpful on humid on hot or humid days when your palms may be sweaty. Improving your grip is one of the easiest ways to up your skill as a golfer. While golf shoes are often cited as the most important piece of golf equipment after clubs and golf bags, gloves are definitely a close rival. Almost all professional golfers recommend using golf gloves, and for good reason.

Most players use one glove, although some golfers prefer to wear two. One glove, however, is usually fine to start with. Buy a glove to fit your lead hand – for right handed golfers, this is the left hand; and, for left handed golfers, it is the right hand.

The cost of buying a glove is relatively low. Gloves from reputable brands can cost as little as ten dollars. If you are unsure that using a glove will suit you, consider purchasing an inexpensive glove before investing in a higher quality or more specialized glove. Gloves are readily available from a variety of sporting goods retailers and specialty stores.

If, after trying out golf gloves, you realize that wearing a glove is uncomfortable or awkward for you, consider carefully towel drying your hand before each shot. Making sure to keep the grips of your clubs dry can also be beneficial. These steps will give you some of the benefits of using golf gloves, but gloves really do offer unparalleled benefits.

If you’ve already purchased gloves and are looking to further invest in your golfing equipment, you may want to consider golf shirts or golf pants, particularly if you live in a humid climate or golf frequently. Performance clothing can help you regulate your temperature better and keep you comfortable while you’re on the course. Regardless, gloves are an excellent starting point in professionalizing your approach to golf and improving your game.

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