Golf Shirts

Golf shirts offer a classic look for people on the course and off. To the casual observer, they may appear to be the same as polo shirts. They both are collared t-shirts with a few buttons. Sometimes there is a pocket on the chest of a golf shirt; others do not have pockets. While they are similar to and find their heritage in polo shirts, there are some subtle differences today between golf shirts and polo shirts.

Golf Shirt

Golf Shirt

Golf shirts are a staple in any golfer’s wardrobe. A golf shirt is as essential to golfing as golf gloves and golf bags are. Along with golf shoes, many country clubs require golfers to wear this specific style of shirt. It is impossible to go golfing without these in many places.

The style of a golf shirt is very similar to a polo shirt, with some minor differences. Golfing shirts have three or four buttons, where as polo shirts only have two or three. Thus, the buttons on golf shirts extend slightly further down than they do on polo shirts. Usually the collar of a quality golf shirt is made with a stitched double-layer. On other types of shirts, the collar is a single layer of fabric. These are very minor differences, and not always true. However, these are the marks of a quality golf shirt.

Golf shirts are most often constructed out of light, breathable fabrics. The most common fabrics used are polyester, cotton polyester blends or mercerized cotton. All of these materials provide a light shirt that breathes easily. Thus, these shirts keep golfers cool for an entire 18 holes, even on warm days.

Of course, golf shirts do not need to be worn exclusively on the course. They are professional enough to be worn as business casual, and relaxed enough to wear to a party on the weekends. As most people associate these shirts with the warm months of summer and golfing, these are the perfect shirt for any outdoor gathering. These can be worn with pants, such as golf pants, or with shorts.

Because of their versatility, golf shirts appeal to golfers and non-golfers alike. There are many different designs and colors available. Some offer a completely classic look, with conservative colors. Others have bold, edgy designs; however, this boldness is balanced with the traditional style of the golf shirt. They come in men and women’s styles, large and small. There are even some made for teens, children and toddlers. Everyone is sure to find a golf shirt they like from the variety of golf shirts available.

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